Interview with Obu Ramaraj

Interview Obu Ramaraj

When it comes to taking out a new home loan it pays to be the smartest person in the room, especially if you have a lender who is looking after their best interests and not yours.  Obu Ramaraj has been specialising in home loan lending since 2009 and has hundreds of extremely satisfied customers, just read some of the great testimonials on her website – Smart Money Solutions Client Testimonials.

Obu is extremely passionate about helping all home buyers (especially women buying their first home) feel comfortable with the property buying process, her goal is to help women increase their financial awareness and, better still, have more women buying houses at a much earlier age.

With the Launch of her first book – ‘Smart Women, Smart Home loans What your Lenders won’t tell you’ Jason Penna had the opportunity to ask Obu some key questions and work out exactly what drives her.

1) Obu, you have been involved in helping home buyers obtain funding for a while now, what made you decide you wanted to write a book about it?

I’ve always been big on educating clients before they can sign up – this way they will always have the knowledge and knowledge is power. When I started spending a bit of time with clients repeating the same information time and again, I thought it would be helpful if I could write a book. A book is a tool that clients can read in their own time and go back to it whenever they have questions.

2) You are very passionate about helping your clients get the right advice, can you explain why you feel this is so important?

Most home buyers think that interest rate is the only important factor as they will save $$$ if they get a low interest rate. Time and again I find clients either stuck in the wrong loan or having to pay a lot of money to get out. Sometimes they also end up paying a lot of money in other costs they didn’t know. Hence I am very passionate about educating clients to make the right choice for them.

3) What is more important to a clients needs, getting the right interest rate, or getting the right type of loan?

“Interest rate is only one component and that can change frequently.”

I always have and always do suggest clients to choose a loan based on their short, medium and long term goals rather than just interest rate. Interest rate is only one component and that can change frequently. If the loan and the features will not support and help achieve your goals, then there is no point just saving some $$$ for the short term.

4) You have targeted your book ‘Smart Women, Smart Home loans’ at Women, can you explain why you chose this demographic?

“My mission is to help women become financially empowered”

I personally love working with women. I feel I can connect well with women to deliver my message from a woman’s point of view. My mission is to help women become financially empowered and for them to consider finance fun and easy and take control of their financial life rather than wait for prince charming to arrive.

5) Can you tell us a little more about your website and why you feel it is important to keep your blog updated so regularly.

“I get to share what I see day in day out to a wider audience”

My website has a lot of useful information for home buyers from first home buyers to investors. Personally, for me, having an updated blogs mean that I get to share what I see day in day out to a wider audience, who may someday be in a similar situation and my blog could provide a solution.

My favourite kind of blog is a blog that provides different home loan scenarios and tricky situations that I see with some of my clients.

6) If any of our readers would like to follow you on social media or contact you for an appointment, how can they get in touch?

Women can follow me on Facebook (, Twitter ( or book a free 30 minute consultation through my website (


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